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Western Turf Farms has been growing sod over 50 years. Over that time we have expanded from a handful of turf varieties to now over 15 options. From golf courses and sports fields, to homes and commercial spaces, we have the right grass for any job. Each variety of sod is grown and harvested on our farms in Langley and Abbotsford, ensuring you get healthy grass for your project.

Canada’s diverse climates and growing seasons doesn’t lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach to grass. What thrives in Vancouver weather wouldn’t survive a season in Edmonton, and what works in Calgary would struggle in Surrey. These environmental differences are why we grow such a diverse selection of sod. Regardless if you are a homeowner or a landscaping professional, our selection of turf options ensure that you get the perfect grass for your project.

Fall & Winter Sod Sale Pricing

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Grass Sod and Turf Products

Residential and Commercial

From Select Sod Blends to Organic Blend options, Western Turf Farms cultivates a variety of turf options for any size project. Whether you are wanting to sod a small backyard or an expansive acreage, we can help you choose the right variety for your project. Learn More

Sports Fields

If you are looking to sod your community soccer field or something a little more professional, we ha-ve the right turf to withstand the the heavy usage. Our sports sod varieties can handle the rigours of a soccer match or the athleticism of a baseball game. Learn More

Golf Course Turf

From perfectly manicured lie of a putting green to the sprawling look of the fairway, Western Turf Farms has the right blends for your golf course. We sod any size course; from the local Pitch-n-Putt to Championship Courses, we take the time to get the right grass for your next hole in one. Learn More

Topsoil and Amenders

Prior to installing sod, we do recommend applying a couple of inches of quality top soil to improve drainage and nutrition. This help to ensure that your new sod takes root and grows strong. Alternatively, you can freshen up your existing soil with some fertilizer. You need a rich, nutritious topsoil to produce a lush green lawn, flower garden or urban vegetable farm.

ProSoil Turf

ProSoil Turf Topping Soil Blend is the perfect nutrient rich foundation for sod and plants. Made with a balanced blend of free-draining river sand, aged mushroom compost, and black bark fines. Learn More

UrbanGro Organic Topsoil

This is premium organic topsoil for our urban farming and home gardening enthusiasts in green British Columbia, particularly in green-friendly Vancouver. Ideal for flower gardens and urban farms, UrbanPro is made with organic compost, free-draining river sand, pumice, and sphagnum peat. Learn More

Hemlock Bark Mulch

Our bark mulch is the solution for Homeowners and gardening enthusiasts who have uneven land, large trees or flower beds that have more bushes than flowers. Learn More

Mushroom Compost

Our mushroom compost is a great soil amender that promotes drainage and provides added nutrients to your topsoil. Learn More

Additional Services

Delivery and Removal

In case you don’t have a flatbed truck at your disposal, or a forklift for that matter, we can deliver and remove the sod for you. Our installation team will make sure your site and your topsoil supports your newly installed sod, so that you will have a beautiful and lush lawn. Learn More

Sod Installation

Sod installation is a tough job. There’s a lot more than just unrolling grass! Our team of experienced sod installers know how to get the job done fast. We also offer big roll installation for larger projects, such as sports fields, parks or golf courses so that they are ready for use faster. Find Out More

Repairs and Improvements

Even with moderate use, sports fields and busy grassy areas can get damaged to the extent that it would take months for the grass to recover on its own, even with extra maintenance and overseeding. We offer several ways to keep your grass looking great, even after repeated use. Learn More

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