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6 Ways to Battle Dandelions

Six Ways to Battle Dandelions Whether you love them or hate them, dandelions are a common presence in the summer lawn. For homeowners looking to achieve a lush green lawn this summer, dandelions can be a source of endless frustration. Especially for homeowners who are determined to be environmentally conscious. The good news? There’s more […]

June 21st, 2016|Blog, Grass Turf Residential, Home Lawn Care|

Preventing Chafer Beetles with Tall Fescue

Preventing Chafer Beetles with Tall Fescue Struggling with Chafer Beetle damage (or trying to avoid it)? Good news! There’s a solution: Tall Fescue. Chafer beetles are undoubtedly the bane of Vancouver Lawns. With raccoons and other animals tearing up turf to root out the high protein larvae that have spent weeks or even months eating […]

Artificial Turf Fields – Just Say No!

Artificial Turf Fields Reported Health Concerns We’ve all seen the sports fields made of unbelievably green artificial turf – at the local university, in the televised matches for soccer and football, and even at our local community parks where kids leagues play on the weekends. When it comes to artificial turf, it isn’t so much the […]

April 13th, 2016|Blog, Sports Turf|

Permeable Grassy Pavers, a Beautiful Solution for Urban Landscapes

Grassy Pavers Beautify Parking Lots and Driveways, and Reduce Cost of Drainage and Water Management Introducing our newest product line – EcoRaster Grassy Pavers! We’re partnering wth Architek to bring you the latest and greatest in green products: living permeable pavers.   What are Living Permeable Pavers? Let’s start with the basics: permeable pavers are interlocking concrete pavers […]

March 23rd, 2016|Blog|

Why every New Lawn Installation needs Soil Preparation

Looking to install a new sod lawn? You’ve come to the right place! Unlike seeding, sodding allows homeowners to achieve beautiful established lawns quickly, at any time during the growing season – as long as the ground isn’t frozen or covered with snow! But before you lay your first roll of day fresh sod, it’s […]