Topsoil Vancouver and Surrey area

You need a rich, nutritious topsoil to produce a lush green lawn, flower garden or urban vegetable farm. Which organic soil is right for your home landscaping needs?


UrbanGro Organic Topsoil for the Homeowner. Flower Gardens, Urban Farms and Planters


This is premium organic topsoil for our urban farming and home gardening enthusiasts in green British Columbia, particularly in green-friendly Vancouver. Made with an organic compost, it’s also the go-to organic soil for trees, planters and ferns in planters. Grow amazing vegetables and herbs fresh and safe for your kitchen table – or flower beds that can go up against the best from the famous Butchart Gardens. This sustainable garden soil is an essential item in the eco-friendly home owner’s toolkit.


“UrbanGro is the perfect solution for organic growers looking for a local, sustainable soil.” – Veratec

• UrbanGro Composition. Sphagnum peat moss, free-draining river sand, organic compost, pumice


ProSoil Topsoil for Your Lawn and Planters

ProSoil is a quality recycled-organic topsoil that will do double-duty, giving you a lush green lawn and beautiful flowers, ferns and trees in the planters around your home. It’s also low-maintenance: it needs less fertilizer and herbicide and it drains well on its own, even with minimal aeration. Landscapers often rely on it as a proven, effective product for customers and DIY-green thumbs.


“ProSoil is just an amazing product for the BC homeowner who wants to handle all of their lawn and gardening needs with a single product and minimal maintenance,” says Oliver, from Albion Flats Landscape Supply. “You don’t even need to fertilize this turf. You get a strong root structure almost instantly.”

• ProSoil Composition. Free-draining river sand, mushroom compost and fine black bark.


Bark Mulch to Protect Your Planters and Trees All Year Round


Home owners and gardening enthusiasts don’t always have the luxury of a perfectly level green space insulated from bad weather and nature’s pests. Bark mulch is the solution if you’ve got uneven land, large trees or flower beds that have more bushes than flowers. Landscapers recommend it to fight weeds and encourage growth in these more challenging green areas.


In drier regions like the BC interior and Alberta, the mulch helps conserve ground moisture. Mulch is a green-friendly solution to keep your plants and trees healthy and looking great.


We Deliver. Get Bags of Garden Topsoil and Organic Soil for Your Lawn and Garden


Western Turf Farms delivers handy 1-cubic-yard bags of topsoil in Vancouver, Surrey and the Lower Mainland. Take care of all of your home landscaping needs. Order sod, fertilizer and quality topsoil for your grass sod lawn, flower planters or garden!