Topsoil Vancouver and Surrey area

We offer a choice of quality topsoils to nourish your turf grass, planter or vegetable garden. We deliver convenient 1 cubic yard mini bags of topsoil in Vancouver, Surrey and the Lower Mainland.


Biosoil – great value sand based lawn mix or a planter bed mix

Biosoil is our groundbreaking new commercial grade topsoil available as a turf blend and planter blend. These value priced soils are ideal for high-volume and competitive projects such as roadway medians, warehouses, fields and parks, where you need to save money but cannot afford to compromise quality.
Fabricated from the highest grade Class A biosolids, premium aged coastal hemlock bark, and clean, free-draining river sand,  Biosoils are a truly local, and sustainable high quality soil product manufactured with our local climate and plant material in mind.
Biosoils have been formulated to provide optimal levels of available nutrients for healthy and vigorous plant growth, with no additional fertilization recommended for up to three years after installation! Initial field studies have shown our Biosoils to drastically outperform other competing soil products, with higher rates of plant and turf survival as the plants roots establish quickly in the optimum growing conditions these soils provide.
Choose between our sand based lawn mix or our planter bed soil, depending on your application.


Prosoil – premium topsoil for turfgrass and planters

When it comes to quality soil products, there’s little wonder our Prosoil has become clearly recognized as the number one choice for BC’s landscape professionals.
Our Prosoils are premium quality compost-based soils formulated for turf and planter applications. Like all of our quality products, they a manufactured with our unique small batch blending process to ensure utmost consistency and quality. The nutrient-rich products made with recycled organic compost that will allow your plants and turf to thrive.
They offer a lower total cost over the lifetime of the project as they require less maintenance, less fertilizer and herbicide. They also help reduce environmental impact by diverting thousands of cubic yards annually from our landfills.
Choose between our sand based lawn mix or our planter bed soil, depending on your application; Use the below table to help you choose the correct soil for your project.


Premium Boost Soil – nutrient rich soil booster for turfgrass

Our premium Boost™ compost soil amender is a very dynamic and versatile product. This ½” screened nutrient-rich compost is widely used to increase the organic matter and both micro and macro nutrients in existing soils, and sand products that are nutrient deficient. It can also be used as mulch topping to add that desirable black topdressed appearance to planting beds. Topdressing ¼” of this product on your lawn in early spring or early fall will provide you with lush, green long term growth as the nutrients are released into the soil.


Suggested topsoil uses

  • Ideal for sportfield applications; blend just 10 – 20% Boost amender with locally available spec sand for a premium quality rootzone construction material.
  • Topdress lawns and planter beds in the spring and fall
  • Amend existing depleted soils
  • Replace harsh chemical fertilizers with Boost for a sustainable and natural alternative

Key features and benefits

  • With twice the nitrogen content of typical composts, small amounts of this product can be highly effective; essentially you’ll need less to achieve the desired end result. For example, adding just 10% Boost to a playfield sand would potentially provide the same amount of nutrients as adding 20% regular compost soil amender.
  • Screened to just ½” minus, you won’t be spending any time raking out large chunks of wood, saving you time and delivering more available nutrients to the plants.
  • Aesthetics are important too. Boost is the best looking compost product available, bar none, and stays a rich dark brown- black color for years.
  • This lightweight, dry product is easy to handle and spread. It can also be blown into hard to reach areas.
  • Retains moisture in hydrophobic soils and enhances soil texture.


Rainforest Premium Garden Blend Soil for Organic Vegetable Gardens

This is our premium garden bed soil –No expense spared and no compromises allowed.
Our Premium Rainforest™ garden soil is a rich, dark homogenous blend of the finest organic materials, carefully selected for unique attributes that contribute to the finished product. This product offers uniquely low pH, in the 5.5 to 6 range, which is ideal for many of our native BC plants. It meets the most stringent requirements and has been used with outstanding success on many high-profile local projects with demanding specifications, as well as hundreds of small organic vegetable gardens, where it has won acclaim for its superb workability and the thriving plant growth it supports.


Some key benefits of using our soils and services:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Easier to work with/less weeds
  • High quality source materials
  • Reduced need for chemicals
  • Free draining / low fines
  • Flat rate, same day delivery
  • Ongoing R&D and testing
  • Aesthetically superior
  • Consistent Homogenous Blends