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Ask us about our drought resistant grasses. Our water saving Bluegrass Sod and Fescue Sod blends!


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Watering Your Lawn in BC? What You Need to Know

Ordering sod? Consider our drought tolerant sod blends with Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue. They look great while saving water!

See our Q&A on how drought tolerant sod helps you stay eco-friendly and out of trouble


Quality Sod at Unbeatable Prices

Western Turf Farms grows and delivers grass turf anywhere in BC and Alberta, directly from our family owned and operated Turf Farms.
We grow our turf from the best quality grass seeds on sandy loam or washed sand. This produces grass sod that is easier to install than sod that is grown on clay. It also ensures faster rooting and better drainage. A great benefit for wet and cold weather.


We offer a choice of high quality turf grass blends for residential, commercial, sports and golf. We blend turf grass for the unique climates of Vancouver and Surrey, Vancouver Island, the BC Interior and Alberta.


Our professional drivers are committed to deliver excellent quality fresh sod when you need it. We also deliver a choice of topsoils and fertilizers to nourish your new lawn. Our professional installation service guarantees excellent results, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new lawn soon after installation.


Home owners love doing business with us because our customer service team will take the time to help you choose the best residential turf grass for your needs and budget.


Professional landscapers love the year-round quality of our sand-based turf. Its is lighter and faster to install, saving time and money.


For school or community sports fields and athletic fields we offer turf grass that can stand up to heavy use. Our un-netted Supreme Sports Turf is the proven one for the job


For golf courses we carry several blends of golf course turf combining Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine Fescue and Bentgrass. From fairways to tee boxes and putting greens, we can accommodate any need or preference.


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Nanaimo Turf
Nanaimo has a similar climate to Vancouver, coastal temperature with moderate to heavy rainfall. Our supreme grade blend handles these conditions very well.Our Nanaimo Turf Projects Include:
Beban Park, Dog off leash park, Chemainus Sports field complex, and Nanaimo Port Cruise Ship Terminal
Kelowna Turf
Kelowna has a dry, hot summer climate, with the potential for cold winters. Our Bluegrass blends are the ultimate low water, low maintenance products. Our Kelowna Turf Projects Include:
Two Eagles Golf Course, Shannon Lake Golf Course, Rose Valley Subdivision, Glenmore area Subdivision